Art & Soul for your Sacred Space

Welcome, Beautiful Soul!  Gemini Moon Designs is home to a handmade collection of boho decor, mosaic mirrors, incense burners,  and ucpcycled art for your sacred space. All pieces are created with love, inspired by music and made with intention.  Shop now or stick around a while and learn more about Gemini Moon


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Incense Burners

Colorful & unique incense burners in a variety of shapes and sizes. These beaded and glass mosaic designs will add a special handmade touch to your altar or yoga space.

Spirit Boxes

Spirit Boxes are made with the intention to serve as a divine space for you to put your handwritten notes, prayers, wishes and dreams, or even those thoughts and worries that you want to let go of.  Every design is one of a kind!

Mosaic Mirrors

Eclectic & colorful mosaic mirrors made with vintage plates and upcycled bits and pieces.  All one of a kind designs that will add a unique vibe to your space!

Praise from Shiny, Happy People

The outpouring of love & support from our customers is so big we have continued the kindness here.

Gorgeous piece, another in my fine collection from this incredible artist. Absolutely, positively, 5 stars! This artist fast became my favorite – truly blessed with talent and a heart as big as all outdoors! Thank you for hanging in and continuing to fill this world with beautiful things.

– KZ, Etsy Customer

Very pleased with these ornaments. Bright beautiful colors and each one is unique. Thank you so much!

– J.Z. Etsy Customer

Truly gorgeous! Love love love. Such a beautiful piece. Even received some nice incense! Thanks so much!

– Q.E. Etsy Customer

Excellent gift for friend who like Celestial art. My friend just loves it! I had a hard time finding something unique for some one who has everything!

– S.J. Etsy Customer

Great quality products. I LOVE this artist!

– L.G. Etsy Customer

I am loving this wonderful piece of art! It is original, practical and gorgeous!

– A.L. Etsy Customer

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The Spirit Box ~ A Tool to Help You Let Go

Keeping a daily journal isn’t a practice I’ve managed to stick to. Once in a while I’d sit and fill 4 or 5 pages in a notebook, but it doesn’t come naturally to me to do it every day. Not even every other day…. Or even every 12th day. I used to...

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5 Steps You Can Take Now to Protect Your Creative Space

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