While vending at a show last December, I was super excited to debut my incense burners to the masses.  In my mind they were a perfect quick and reasonably priced gift and I even had the most delicious smelling incense to go with them!

Carefully adorned with upcycled glass bits and beads – I poured love and care into each one.  In my Etsy shop, they had taken off like a rocket – so naturally, I thought I had a winner, and in person, well… how could people resist?

They did resist. In fact, my happy bubble burst right before my eyes.

Not because my incense burners weren’t thought of as pretty, well made and priced to sell.

But because:

“Oh I haven’t burned incense since the 60″s.”

“What do I need incense for?”

“There was a time and place for incense and that was when I was in college.”

and my favorite:

“Oh, you make these for the hippies, huh?”

Say what?

With 20+ years of retail experience under my belt, I am rarely phased by the casual comments I hear at shows.  And these folks were not out to insult me or my work.

They genuinely did not know the benefits of burning incense.

And they held on to the stereotypical characteristics in their head about who burns incense and why.

Despite what you may think about incense, or what you associate it with, the truth is, it is not just for Buddhist monks, covering the smell of pot in your dorm room, Sunday mass or ‘the hippies’ (oy! That one makes me belly laugh!)- it’s for everyone!

And it’s for YOU.  Because holding on to preconceived notions about stuff is a sure way to stay stuck and miss out on things.  And that is no way to live.

Besides, there are benefits to burning it.  Here are 5:

5 Reasons to Burn Incense

  1. To Get a Creative Boost: Burning incense can stimulate the brain and get creative energy flowing.
  2. To Clear the Energy in a Room:  If you aren’t able to smudge your space, incense is a great alternative and can shift the energy quickly and purify the space.
  3. To Enhance Your Daily Practice: Set the mood for meditation, yoga, journaling or creative sessions by burning some incense. It can increase focus and help clear your mind.
  4. To Unwind and Relax: Burn with your candles while you soak in the tub or unwind with a good book on your favorite chair.
  5. To Enjoy the Scent: Experience exotic and intoxicating scents from around the world easily and affordably and make your home smell delicious!

I’m on a mission to expand minds and bring the light.  One piece of art at a time, and one cone of incense at a time.

In case you were wondering, my favorite kind (and I have tried so many) is Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa incense cones.

Now I want to know about you! Do you burn incense? If so when and where do you use it most, and what’s you favorite kind?  Let me know in the comments!

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