5 Reasons Why You Need to Burn Incense Now

While vending at a show last December, I was super excited to debut my incense burners to the masses.  In my mind they were a perfect quick and reasonably priced gift and I even had the most delicious smelling incense to go with them! Carefully adorned with upcycled...

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The Spirit Box ~ A Tool to Help You Let Go

Keeping a daily journal isn't a practice I've managed to stick to. Once in a while I'd sit and fill 4 or 5 pages in a notebook, but it doesn't come naturally to me to do it every day. Not even every other day…. Or even every 12th day. I used to beat myself up over not...

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How to Prep a Wood Box

  Thrift stores are my most favorite place to shop for wood boxes.  Yes, you can go down the wood aisle at the craft store and find a variety of boxes to choose from - but for me, they lack character.  I like to rescue old, sometimes imperfect boxes.  All of the...

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Vintage Plate Love

If you follow me on Facebook, then you may have seen me post a link to a pin on Pinterest for the photo you see below a little while back. If you click here, you can see the original pin. Since moving into our house in April of 2013, I have not done a tremendous...

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Embellishing with Broken Jewelry

As a mixed media artist, nothing makes me happier than coming across a large bag, box or even a tangled mess of vintage, broken jewelry pieces and components at a flea market or a yard sale. With a little patience and a pair of wire cutters, you can transform that...

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About Me

My name is Jeanine. I’m an Intuitive Artist, multi-passionate creative and free spirit. I create meaningful, vibrant & soulful mixed media art for women seeking inspiration and a higher vibration in their homes, offices, studios and Sacred Spaces.


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