Praise From Shiny, Happy People

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Creating beautiful works of art for a living fills my heart to overflowing.  But when the work finds it’s way home to those it was created for, nothing can compare to it.  Much love & gratitude to all of my customers.  Your joy & kind words keep me going. Thank you for the outpouring of love.  xo, Jeanine

When my package from Gemini Moon Designs arrived, it was a wonderful discovery from start to finish!  The minute my eyes hit the purple tissue paper, I knew there was something magical inside. Next came the gorgeous little heart pendant that almost brought tears, and finally I saw my Goddess box wrapped so carefully and lovingly. The personal details along with the items themselves make it all come together for a complete visual and energy experience. You’ve really got it right! It’s a gift I gave myself and you made it beyond what I could have imagined. Thank you! My box will live for now in my dining room on a table that belonged to my mother and holds some of my strongest memories of love with her. Next to it will be a framed set of pictures that were the first taken of my sons together. When I get my office set up, I think it may move in there. I’m sending you waves of love and gratitude from Texas.



Sherry Coffman

Reiki Master Teacher, certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner/Teacher, Radiant Moon Reiki

Jeanine’s creations are absolutely exquisite.  I found her on etsy in search of a “one of a kind” mosaic piece for my best friend.  There are many artists who have pieces, but it was this necklace that really blew me away.  The craftsmanship is just exquisite.  The mosaic itself is made with high quality glass set in a beautiful silver frame and comes with a high quality chain.  

When I received the necklace it was wrapped beautifully, but I just HAD TO open it.  Once opened…well, it was clear that I had to keep it for myself!  It is truly magnificent.  I wear it every chance I get and always get so many compliments.  I can’t wait to see what she will create next and she is on the shortlist for when I am looking for something special and one of a kind. 

Lisa Strano

Etsy Customer

Gorgeous piece, another in my fine collection from this incredible artist. Absolutely, positively, 5 stars! This artist fast became my favorite – truly blessed with talent and a heart as big as all outdoors! Thank you for hanging in and continuing to fill this world with beautiful things.

– KZ, Etsy Customer

Wonderful seller! Love this pendant for many reasons! First it is handmade, secondly recycled materials and thirdly the design and the colors! Cannot wait to wear it again!

– K.H. Etsy Customer

Truly gorgeous! Love love love. Such a beautiful piece. Even received some nice incense! Thanks so much!

– Q.E. Etsy Customer

Excellent gift for friend who like Celestial art. My friend just loves it! I had a hard time finding something unique for some one who has everything!

– S.J. Etsy Customer

Jeanine is not only a uniquely talented artist, but a passionate one. The love she pours into her work is tangible.  I have many pieces of hers all through the years that I love and treasure. I have happily given gifts to loved ones of things she has made. Jeanine is a lovely and talented individual and artist!!


Dory Lobel

Etsy Customer


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