About the Artist

Artist Bio:

Jeanine is an Intuitive Artist, multi-passionate creative and free spirit.  She creates meaningful, vibrant, art & home decor for women seeking inspiration and a higher vibration in their homes, offices, studios and Sacred Spaces.  With an art & design background that spans over 18 years, Jeanine’s roots are in painting & illustration.  Exploring many mediums, she expanded her studies in college to include collage and mixed media, and went on to teach herself how to mosaic.  Her artistic ability and keen eye for design has allowed her to work in several visual industries throughout the years including floral design, visual merchandising and as a professional holiday decorator. Jeanine lives with her husband Matt in a small town in the beautiful hills of Litchfield County, Connecticut.  Her work has been sold online and locally through art festivals, galleries and shops for over 15 years.



Back in the Day

Random bits about me, way back when.

Now that we got the formal bio stuff out of the way…. I’d love to share a little more about me!

I was raised on late 70’s Sesame Street episodes, Electric Company and The Magic Garden. Mr. Rogers taught me to be kind to my neighbor.

My early childhood soundtrack is loaded with the best music ever recorded thanks to my Mom and Dad. I have a photographic memory and can vividly recall album cover art from their record collection just by hearing a song.

The 80’s were just me and my radio…that beat up, one speaker boom box. To this day I am a walking encyclopedia of one hit wonder song lyrics and 80’s music fun facts. I can name all of the original VJ’s on MTV.  Ask me about my mix tapes.

Back in 1986, my sister and two best friends and I made up a lip sync routine to The Beastie Boys, Paul Revere. My 11 year old, crafty self cut a VW symbol out of cardboard, covered it in tin foil and hung it from a chain so Mike D’s costume was legit.  One of our best performances, and there were many!

I wore my white roller skates with the red wheels and fluorescent fat laces as much as I could. Going skating was pure joy and one of the earliest lessons of freedom I can remember was flying around the rink while Wham blasted from the speakers.

Growing up in the late 70’s and 80’s was so much fun that my face hurts from laughing and smiling as I typed all of these sweet memories out.  I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Artist Statement

Colors, patterns, design, texture, shape… I am constantly experiencing the world around me as a magical place filled with light and an endless supply of things to inspire.  My mind is always creating.  Observing.  Following the outline of the bright green leaves on the trees in summer and how they glow against the brightest of blue skies.  Noticing the busy, multicolored, floral print of the silk scarf draped over the shoulders of the woman in front of me on the line at the grocery store.  I don’t just look.  I see.  Through my work, it is my intention to share this beautiful, colorful and light filled world I am blessed to walk in everyday.  My work is to spread joy and bring the light.

Through my art I am able to take an actual piece of the past and create something new.  Everything I create has some recycled, upcycled or vintage element in it.  Searching for unique materials is an art form itself and I love that part almost as much as I love bringing my work to life.  I am heavily influenced by the eras of my childhood, the 70’s and 80’s, and perhaps even more so by my parent’s era, the 1960’s.  I have vivid, photographic memories of psychedelic album cover art and the beautiful bohemian patterns on clothing.

I know without a doubt that every piece I make ends up with the person it is intended to go to.   In my 15+ years on the internet, I am blessed to have been able to sell my art to people all over the world. People in places I could have only dreamed to reach.  It is amazing to know that somewhere in Australia, Spain and The Channel Islands (to name a few!) there are people enjoying my art.  I am beyond grateful.